About US

About Us

ALVI Group is a proud partner and representative of well known German companies,  MSR Traffic in Australasian Countries including Indian Subcontinent. MSR Traffic is one of the reputed and well known companies in the field of SMART TRAFFIC & PARKING SYSTEMS.

MSR-Traffic offers intelligent parking guidance systems with single space detection for indoor and outdoor use.

MSR-Traffic offers innovative sensor technology for counting and single space detection of vehicles in indoor and outdoor areas. Motorists are quickly guided to the next free parking space via a dynamic traffic control system. The connection to apps or existing control systems is possible as well. This doesn’t only increase the quality of life and the attractiveness of cities and is also of great advantage from an economic point of view.

Outdoor : wireless magnetic sensors for outdoor use and smart cities.

Indoor : Ultrasonic sensors for indoor use (underground car parks and multi-story car parks).

Displays : dynamic roadmap for any Park system in indoor and outdoor areas.

Software : with PLC/SCADA software every parking system is under control.

We can also assist you during the planning stage of your traffic projects.

We appreciate that maintenance is critical for technology as well for relations. We understand the importance of service required after sales to maintain the product performance. Our business has been built around providing the highest quality products and services. Our team is ever ready to serve the customers at their beck and call.

We can ensure you for:

  • Prompt service,
  • Immediate response and
  • Quick access.
We take pride in training our customers/clients for effective use & operation of the delivered system.