Navigation Systems For Parking

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We are pleased to introduced our best and Innovative Navigation Systems For Parking System of informing of free parking lots (Single or Multi Level- Park) is a navigation systems that is designed for Multi Level car parking areas , where driver often have to drive in circle looking for a free space . The system of providing free parking lots provides supports to the driver by directing them to the real time free parking lots by levels, Zone and Lanes. The system work for any type of vehicles . For any assistance please feel free to contact us :;  

Smart Traffic Navigation Systems

Smart Traffic Guidance and Navigation Systems

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Smart Traffic Guidance and Navigation Systems The world population is growing, along with it, the economy and consequently Vehicular Traffic. In many countries roads are being built to bring efficiency in transport infrastructure to reduce traffic congestions and to reduce time spent by commuters. Since, huge costs are involved in building new roads, flyovers, ITS (Intelligent Traffic Systems) are being used more and more to bring efficiency in vehicular traffic navigation and smart parking systems. STS – Australia and India  (Smart Traffic Systems) in association with MSR Traffic Germany brings to the Australasian region the most Smart, intelligent, effective, efficient car parking navigation and guidance system. The system is designed to provide road signages leading traffic to various car parks with vacant car parking spots. The system can also be backed by CO/NO2 vehicular exhaust gas monitoring and ventilation fan control systems for energy and greenhouse gas saving meeting AS 1668.2 , VDI and other world standards. Benefits: Reduction in traffic flow (directing, navigating via road signage to the vacant car spots at various car parks) Optimising car parking spots Precise monitoring of all car parking spaces. For more query and details please mail us : or