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Turramurra Sikh Temple – Parking Guidance System Case Study

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Introduction: The Turramurra Gurudwara is located at 81 Kissing Point Road in Turramurra, New South Wales is a Sikh Temple. During the evenings and weekends, the devotees come in large numbers for a visit. The temple has 2 carparks, an outdoor carpark which has 9 bays and an indoor one having 18 bays. The management contacted us informing that the car parks are not utilized well because people often park their cars on the road. This has caused resentment amongst the local residents because they find it difficult to find a parking space for their own cars. Background: We at Smart Traffic Systems tried to identify the issues that were causing the problem amongst the local residents. After careful inspection, we observed that during peak hours, people tend to find a spot in the outdoor car park only. Once the outdoor carpark is full, the commuters start parking on the road without even checking whether there are spots available in the indoor car park. Meanwhile, the local residents raised the issue to the council and the outcome wasn’t ideal for the commuters. The road rules were changed to a ‘No Stopping Zone’ at all times and hence, people couldn’t park their cars at any time on the road. The indoor car park was now being utilized more but the situation worsened for the commuters when the indoor car park was full. ‘There is little or no space to turn your car back when you don’t have a parking space’ said one of the commuters and this was one of the main reasons why the indoor carpark was not efficiently used. Proposed Solution: Smart Parking System specializes in providing parking guidance solution to its clients, and for this case, we felt that it was an ideal system which would solve the ongoing issues at the Turramurra Sikh Temple. We offered the management a system which will monitor all the individual parking bays. Ultrasonic indoor sensors with LED lights were proposed for the indoor car park which shows the occupancy status for that individual parking bay. The LED light on the sensor is green when the bay is free and turns red when someone parks in that spot. For the outdoor car park, wireless magnetic field sensors were proposed which also does individual parking bay monitoring and transmits the information to a gateway (also known as the U-box) over ZigBee. The indoor system is hard-wired and the outdoor system is completely wireless and cloud-based. The system also comes with LED displays which shows information on the availability of parking spots in the outdoor and indoor car park. All of it is backed up by a SCADA based software which gives the management all information on occupancy statistics and control over the car park and other information which will give more insights on the car parks. Outcome: The Turramurra Sikh Temple management agreed to proceed with our proposed solution and installation of the parking guidance system started in early August. Once everything was up and running, the system was handed over to the management. The feedback that we got from the management was overwhelming. The devotees noticed the system straight away and finding a parking spot was as easy as it can get. Just by following the information on the LED displays, the commuters could find their parking spot with ease. Even when the car parks were full, people straight away knew that there was no point of going in and they can now avoid the hassle of reversing their car out. The features of the SCADA system are as follows: • Monitoring and visualization in real time • Control of all sensors (parking reservation) • Control of all displays (display value, brightness value) • Evaluation of all data (statistics, trend analysis etc.) Both the management and the people were very pleased with the system as the system has enhanced the experience of visiting the temple for both the parties. Conclusions: Smart Traffic Systems is proud of the solution that was offered to the Turramurra Sikh Temple. The aim of the project was successful and we are glad that our customers are satisfied with the results. In today’s world where technology can shape our quality of life in every perspective, finding a parking spot in a car park is a thing of the past. The system tells you exactly where the available parking spaces are so that you can save your valuable time. We are hoping to get more projects done in future which will change the way how people think of Parking.

Parking Guidance Systems

Parking Guidance Systems

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At Smart Traffic Systems, we  offer intelligent parking guidance systems with single space detection for indoor and outdoor use…

Healthcare industry also showing Interest in Parking Guidance Systems

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The healthcare industry invests in parking guidance systems Not only airports, cities, and shopping malls improve their parking service for visitors – also hospitals, rehab clinics, and other healthcare organizations have recognized the importance of modern traffic concepts. MSR-Traffic is pleased about this development and about new projects in this application field. Parking guidance systems are actually needed in all places where there are sometimes too few or only poorly visible parking spaces. This is exactly where the strengths of the innovative system with single space detection become evident. Due to the sensors in or above each parking space, the system is able to indicate not only the number but also the position of the vacant parking spaces to the drivers searching. This saves time and reduces stress. Currently, the following projects are being equipped with innovative technology  MSR-Traffic: Carl-Thiem Clinical Centre in Germany (Cottbus)

Parking Guidance Systems

Parking Guidance Software Parking Guidance System with a Smart Software

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“ParkGard Control Centre” – A smart software for our parking guidance system. Parking Guidance Systems With “ParkGard Control Centre” the operators of parking garages are easily able to visualize and manage parking spaces from a single platform.   The ParkGard Control-Center is a SCADA software program consisting of a server for data management and a web interface with local or global access. The software program is used as a management tool for parking areas with the following tasks: Visualization by displaying the occupancy situation Operator intervention, such as closing of areas and zones Evaluation of parking spaces Long-term storage in database Evaluations of history data. The intended site is tied to the installed parking area, and therefore cannot be changed. For more details please contact us :

Smart City Needs Smart Parking Systems

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Smart Traffic Systems takes pride in introducing  Smart Traffic Systems in Australiasian Countries. Our Smart parking Systems monitor your vehicles and area with Digital Ultrasonic Sensor System, our system count  the no of vehicles entering inside the parking area and no of vehicles standing inside the parking area and number of vehicles exist  from the parking areas also show the empty space of the  parking . Smart Parking’s in-ground vehicle detection sensor technology enables you to manage your facilities efficiently with real-time, individual vehicle, individual space data. For daily management and long-term planning. For management on-street or off-street. Benefits Live, full information on each and every parking space. Guide drivers to available spaces, improving traffic flow. Instant information on overstays for infringement enforcement. Comprehensive information enables profitable future planning. Best possible use of available space.   For more details please contact us on : &  

Perfect solutions in Traffic Systems

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STS offers MSR-Traffic sensor technology for innovative parking guidance systems with single space detection for indoor and outdoor use. The occupancy status for each parking space is delivered in real-time to mobile devices, host or dynamic signs. This eliminates the need to search for a parking space entirely and the CO2 emissions will be significantly reduced. Parking management is thus more efficient, competitive and economic.   Click the images for more information MSR-Traffic‘s cutting-edge magnetic field sensor technology guide car drivers to the next free parking space. The wireless sensors are weather-proof and offer a very high detection accuracy. They are installed underfloor and cast flush with the road surface, so that they are vandal-proof and protected from snow-ploughs. If a vehicle enters a parking space, the sensor detects the change in the earth‘s magnetic field and signals this information to a server via radio waves for processing and evaluation. Seamless integration with navigation systems, parking guidance systems and ticket machines possible. Ultrasonic sensors register the availability of every single parking space and process the information with a controller/central PC. The car park occupancy data are visualised and indicated on LED displays installed on every car park level and at the main entrance. With this system customers are guided to the nearest available parking space. A benefit that doesn‘t only save the car drivers valuable time but also reduces the traffic produced by endless searching. Moreover, the optimised parking utilisation decreases ventilation costs. MSR-Traffic dynamic LED displays complete the company‘s product portfolio and offer project developers the possibility to get all the necessary systems from one provider. Numbers, arrows and symbols can be configured individually. MSR-Traffic dynamic LED displays complete the company‘s product portfolio and offer project developers the possibility to get all the necessary systems from one provider. Numbers, arrows and symbols can be configured individually. MSR-Traffic dynamic LED displays complete the company‘s product portfolio and offer project developers the possibility to get all the necessary systems from one provider. Numbers, arrows and symbols can be configured individually. For more details click here