Indoor Parking

MSR-Traffic solutions for Indoor Parking

Ultrasonic sensors register the availability of every single indoor parking space and forwards the information to a controller/central PC.

The car park occupancy data are visualised and indicated on LED displays installed on every level of the car park and at the main entrance. With this system, customers are guided to the nearest available parking space. It does not only save valuable time for the car drivers, but also reduces the traffic produced by endless searching. Moreover, the optimised parking utilisation decreases ventilation costs.
The detection and counting of in and outbound vehicles in indoor parking garages can be visualised with MSR-Traffic systems. With the help of the ParkGard Control Center, you can monitor and control all the sensors, LED displays as well as analyse and evaluate the statistics and trends of the parking spaces.

Your benefits

  • Long lifetime
  • Precise monitoring of all parking spaces
  • Optimum car park utilisation
  • High detection accuracy
  • No additional maintenance costs
  • Significant traffic reduction
  • Decrease in ventilation costs
  • Sensor and status LED in one housing.

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