The indoor parking guidance system by MSR Traffic is designed to help drivers locate available parking spaces within indoor parking facilities such as parking garages, shopping centres, airports, hospitals etc. The system uses ultrasonic sensors and cameras to monitor the occupancy status of individual parking spaces and guide drivers to vacant spots.

Working principle:

  1. Sensor Installation: Sensors are installed in each parking space or at strategic locations throughout the parking facility. The sensors continuously monitor the status of each parking space, detecting whether it’s occupied or vacant. This data is then transmitted to the ParkGard Control Centre which processes the data and generates real-time occupancy statistics.
  2. Dynamic LED Signage: LED Displays are installed at the entrance and decision points within the parking facility to provide drivers with visual guidance. These displays indicate the number of available parking spaces on each level or in specific zones.
  3. Integration with 3rd Party Software: The ParkGard Control Centre can be integrated with mobile apps or websites with REST API, allowing drivers to check parking availability remotely before arriving at the facility. It can also be can be integrated with payment systems, allowing drivers to reserve parking spaces in advance or facilitating automated payment processes upon exit.

Benefits of indoor parking guidance systems include reducing traffic congestion within parking facilities, improving the overall parking experience for drivers, maximizing space utilization, and potentially increasing revenue for parking operators.

Click here to view a demo of our system.