Car Park Exit Warning System

Car park exits which ends into a sidewalks creates a very high risk situation for pedestrians. Often due to the nature of design of the car parks, pedestrians cannot see cars exiting the car park. A Car Park Exit Warning System reduces the risk of this hazard by alarming pedestrians of any incoming traffic.

Solution: We have designed a in-house solution with the help of photoelectric sensors and a Programmable Logic Controller with an Audio/Visual Alarm for warning pedestrians.

A pair of photoelectric sensor is installed at the exit lane of the car park and it is connected to the Programmable Logic Controller. As soon as a car exits the car park, the infrared beam of the PE sensor is cut off which activates the Audio/Visual Alarm. This alarm is installed outside the building which warns pedestrians of any incoming traffic. The duration of the warning can be set as per the requirement. Customers can choose between Audio/Visual Alarm or Visual Only as per the site requirements.

We know every car park is unique and we tailor our car park exit warning system to suit your needs.

We also offer several car park management solutions- indoor parking guidance systems and outdoor parking guidance systems.

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car park exit warning system