Indoor Parking Guidance System

MSR-Traffic solutions for Indoor Parking

Indoor Parking Guidance Systems are designed to enhance the customer experience in shopping malls, airports, hospitals and other commercial buildings by guiding commuters to the nearest available parking bay. Designed by MSR – Traffic in Germany, our range of parking solutions are second to none.

We offer:

Camera Based Systems: 1 camera based sensor installed along the driving lane can monitor up-to 6 spots on either side of the sensor. Drivers can look for the LED indcator on the sensor itself to locate the nearest available spot. These sensors can also detect number plates and inform the authorities of illegal parkers throught the software. Since 1 sensor can detect up-to 6 spots, wiring costs are significantly reduced.

Sensor Based Systems: Ultrasonic sensors detect the occupancy status of each parking bay. Each sensor is equipped with LED Status light to indicate whether the spot is occupied or free. The LED light can be customised to differentiate parking bays like general parking, EV Parking, Disabled spots and so on.

Both camera based systems and sensor based systems are controlled through a central PC where the whole system can be visualised. All parking based data is available to determine trends in the car park. Dynamic LED displays installed at the entrance and various decision points of the car park helps commuters locate nearest parking in real time.

Indoor Parking Guidance Systems can be installed in all sites which has a provision of mounting the sensors at a roof level.

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ultrasonic sensor for indoor parking guidance
camera sensor for indoor parking guidance system

Your benefits

  • Long lifetime
  • Precise monitoring of all parking spaces
  • Optimum car park utilisation
  • High detection accuracy
  • No additional maintenance costs
  • Significant traffic reduction
  • Decrease in ventilation costs
  • Sensor and status LED in one housing.