LED Signage

Indoor Displays

MSR-Traffic dynamic LED displays complete the company‘s product portfolio and offer project developers the possibility to get all the necessary systems from one provider. Numbers, arrows and symbols can be configured individually.


  • Long lifetime
  • Modern design
  • No additional maintenance costs
  • Weather-proof
  • Customer-specific configuration
  • Good legibility
LED Signage

Outdoor Displays

The road signs with integrated LED displays for outdoor (IP65) are ideal for the traffic guidance in parking lots. The labels can be printed individually with text or
symbols. The integrated LED displays consisting of a total of three symbols, numbers or arrows, allows real-time display of free parking spaces. This information is transmitted via a serial interface or optionally via GPRS (wireless).


  • High luminosity (also well visible against the light)
  • Brightness control with integrated light sensor
  • Can be fitted with LEDs with different colours
  • Robust and well-designed housing (IP65)
  • Energy-saving LED-technology
  • Power supply integrated in the display
  • Non-reflective front screen made of satin acrylic glass
  • Optional GPRS communication
  • Individual labelling of signs possible

LED Displays are installed at the decision points of a car park to help commuters locate the nearest available parking bay.

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