Outdoor Parking Guidance System

MSR-Traffic outdoor solutions

Outdoor parking guidance system is designed to guide cars to their nearest available parking spot.

Magnetic Field Technology: MSR-Traffic‘s cutting-edge wireless magnetic field sensor technology guide car drivers to the next free parking space.

The wireless sensors are weather-proof and offer a very high detection accuracy. They are installed underfloor and cast flush with the road surface, so that they are vandal-proof and protected from snow-ploughs.

If a vehicle enters a parking space, the sensor detects the change in the earth‘s magnetic field and signals this information to a server via radio waves for processing and evaluation. Seamless integration with navigation systems, parking guidance systems and ticket machines possible.

outdoor parking guidance system

Camera Based Technology: The high-end camera CAMO for Outdoor parking guidance system uses innovative IoT video system and sets standards as a compact powerhouse. Intelligent, flexible, versatile – and yet completely unique. The Camo is a camera that is unparalleled in terms of performance, functionality, cyber security and edge computing.

Individual spot monitoring is possible with the help of image processing. Occupancy statistics for each parking bay can be achieved. Multiple car spots can be monitored by single camera sensor as long as the spots falls under the FOV of the camera.

Your benefits

  • Precise monitoring of all parking spaces
  • Minimum installation effort for a place to park
  • Short payback period
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Suitable for outdoor areas
  • Sensor installation without wiring
  • Reduction of traffic produced by the search
  • Optimised parking utilisation
  • Relief of parking attendants due to fast and exact (up-to-the-minute) billing of parking fees
    high detection accuracy