Vehicle Priority System

Vehicle Priority System in multi level car parks are an essential element to maintain smooth flow of traffic and prevent any collisions in shared ramps and narrow driveways.

Our solution is tailor made as per the requirements of individual car parks. We understand that each car park is unique and requires specific design for the best optimisation.

In the default state, the traffic lights can be RED/GREEN depending on a number of factors which are taken into consideration.

The Vehicle Priority System ensures that traffic flow remains unidirectional under all circumstances, and cars at the other end of the ramp are notified as soon as one car enters the ramp. The duration of the state of the traffic light can be timer based/sensor based. This is dependant on the layout of the car park.

We understand that the requirment varies depending on the layout of the car park. Get in touch with us for a free consultation today!

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vehicle priority system