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Smart Traffic Systems is a proud representative of the German brand MSR Traffic which specialises in manufacturing of Parking Guidance Systems and Car Park Safety Solutions.

Based in Sydney (Australia), Smart Traffic Systems aims at transforming the parking experience for commuters by guiding them to the nearest available spots using modern LED signage systems. This decreases the traffic generated in parking areas and thus improving the overall appeal of the location. From the commuter’s point of view, the system saves on time and provides a hassle-free parking experience to them. Smart Traffic Systems can be installed in both indoor and outdoor car parks. From shopping centres to airports, Smart Traffic Systems provides a unique solution based on the layout of the car parks.

MSR Traffic (Germany) has developed unique ultrasonic indoor sensors and magnetic outdoor sensors for counting and single space detection of vehicles. The sensors transmits the information to a control system which in turn shows the available number of parking spots on the LED-displays.

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Our Services

Wireless outdoor magnetic sensors which communicates through a gateway via. ZigBee.

Ultrasonic indoor sensors which communicates via industry BMS Standards (MODBUS) to a controller.

Dynamic visual display which guides motorists to the next available parking spot using digits and directional arrows.

Real time monitoring of parking spots for occupancy statistics or profitability analysis.

After Sales Support

We appreciate that maintenance is critical for technology as well customer relations. We understand the importance of service required after sales to maintain the product performance. Our business has been built around providing the highest quality products and services. Our team is always ready to assist you under all circumstances.

We take pride in training our customers/clients for effective use & operation of the delivered system.

We ensure:

  • Prompt service
  • Immediate response
  • Efficient and superior solutions

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