We at Smart Traffic Systems are glad to announce that we have won one more parking guidance project at The ‘Q Central’ car park located at 10 Norbrik Drive, Bella Vista. The complex, being located opposite the Norwest Private Hospital, gets busy throughout the day and the visitor car park does not do justice to the large number of commuters entering into the car park in search for a parking spot. With a limited number of only 28 parking bays available, it gets extremely difficult for someone to predict if there are any parking bays available inside the car park. On top, the car park has a just one turning bay, and hence if you are in, it takes quite a while to make your way out in case you do not manage to find parking. This creates long queues at the car park entrance which sometimes extends up to the main road. The car park management approached us if anything could be done to help the situation.

We have offered an indoor parking guidance solution to our client which would significantly reduce traffic in the car park. The proposed solution comprises of 28 ultrasonic sensors which monitors the occupancy status for each parking bay and comes with a Red/Green LED indicator to represent its status. This information is displayed on a LED Signage at the entrance of the car park and commuters will know in advance that how many parking bays are available at the car park. As a result, if the car park is full, one doesn’t need to go all the way in, in search for a parking bay. This will significantly reduce the traffic load on the car park during the peak hours of the day. On top, the car park management has the option to ‘reserve’ a spot if required. With the system in place, we expect the commuters at Q Central will have a hassle-free parking experience. A Parking guidance system is a must have solution in airports, hospitals, shopping centres, commuter car parks etc.