Smart Traffic Systems offers innovative products for the following:

Outdoor Parking Guidance System: Wireless outdoor magnetic sensors which communicates through a gateway via. ZigBee. Sensor comes with vandal proof design with long battery life expectancy.

Indoor Parking Guidance System: Ultrasonic indoor sensors which communicates via industry BMS Standards (MODBUS) to a controller. Sensor comes with RGB LED for full customisation. Camera based system is also available for indoor parking guidance.

Modern LED Signage: Dynamic visual display which guides motorists to the next available parking spot using digits and directional arrows. Display modules are available for both indoor and outdoor solutions and comes in different sizes as per requirement.

PC Software : Real time monitoring of parking spots for occupancy statistics or profitability analysis and all car park related data.

Car Park Exit Warning System: A safety system where pedestrians get a warning for vehicles exiting a car park.

Car Park Height Warning System: Drivers of overheight vehicles get a warning if cars are above the permitted height in a car park. Both audio/visual warning modules are available.

Traffic Priority System: For shared driveways/ramps/lanes, the system ensures that traffic only flows from one direction at a given point of time. Red and Green Traffic lights control the flow of traffic in a particular direction.

All our products and solutions are taiolored to suit individual car parks. Contact us today for any enquiries.

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