Car Park Height Warning Systems are designed to be installed at the entrance of car parks to let drivers know if their vehicle is under the permitted car park height.

Drivers of oversized vehicles often are unsure if it is safe to get into a car park with low clearance. Traditional height barriers are not completely effective when it comes to small differences between allowed and actual vehicle height. Also, drivers tend to ignore these height restrictions and try their luck anyway inside the car park. This sometimes results in massive damage to the infratructure like the sprinkler system, LED displays for parking guidance and much more.

We have developed a warning system with audio/visual indicators to warn drivers at the entrance of the car park if the vehicle height is more than the permitted value. Narrow beam PE sensors can detect small cross sections of any object that passes through the line of the sensor.

The system can be paired with 4G GSM Module which can send a message/call the authorities in case an overheight vehicle is detected.

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Car Park Height Warning System