We at Smart Traffic Systems are delighted to announce that we just finished our 3rd project in Sydney at the Kogarah Childcare Centre Carpark. The childcare centre has 4 visitor car parking bays and as per the council requirements, a parking guidance system was needed to be installed for continuous monitoring of the car park.

We have supplied 4 ultrasonic sensors which are capable of monitoring individual parking bays. The  sensors come with LED lights for the commuters to differentiate between an available and a pre-occupied bay.

The question lies here why is there a need of this system at the very first place? Well, the driveway to the car park is extremely narrow and barely two cars can pass. The outdoor signage which comes with the system displays the availability of the number of parking bays in the car park. Now, imagine a situation when there was no parking guidance system installed. The commuters have to drive into the car park and if they do not find a parking bay, they have to reverse out all the way to the main street. With the system installed, commuters would straight away know whether the car park is full or not. A Parking guidance system is a must have solution in airports, hospitals, shopping centres, commuter car parks etc.

We are looking forward to get more of these projects done in the coming months and aim to revolutionize the concept of parking for our customers.