Smart Traffic Systems were approached by a reputed cement manufacturing plant in Sydney for a Traffic Priority System.

Why did the client require a Traffic Priority System?

The site had a 3-way intersection which required some sort of traffic monitoring and management because of it’s narrow width. Long trucks frequently use the intersection which resulted in congestion if 2 trucks entered the intersection at the same time. The client was after a solution to prevent the situation from happening.

The Solution:

3 sets of traffic light and 3 sets of infrared sensors were installed at the approach of each section. If any of the sensors were cut off, all traffic lights go RED for a certain duration to prevent other cars from entering the intersection.

After a couple of site visits, the designed was finalised and the client approved the solution. Our electrician did a fantastic job in getting the hardware installed as per the design.

We commissioned the system and ensured that each component works and fine tuned all the sensors to work seamlessly.

The traffic priority system is now up and running and is under trial. We can further make changes to the logic if it is required at a later stage.

Site Layout


Site Photos:

traffic priority system traffic priority traffic priority


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