Airports, cities and shopping malls have realized the need of a system for parking guidance and have been using car parking sensors in the car parks for easy navigation. Hospitals, rehab clinics and other healthcare organizations have now recognized the importance of easy navigation and have started implementing modern traffic concepts.

The strengths of the innovative system with single space becomes evident where there are few or only poorly visible parking spaces available. Due to the car parking sensors in or above each parking space, the system is able to indicate not only the number but also the position of the vacant parking spaces to the drivers searching. This saves time and reduces stress.

Recently, a clinical centre in Germany with almost 1200 beds and around 2500 employees and apprentices invested in car parking sensors to optimize the parking garage traffic. Ultrasonic sensors with integrated LEDs (red/green and blue for disable parking spaces) above each individual parking space and clearly visible LED displays indicating the number of available spaces now navigate the visitors to the vacant parking spaces.

Our associate, MSR-Traffic was also awarded the project for parking guidance system for a hospital in Saudi Arabia and at health promotion foundation in Switzerland.

MSR-Traffic systems are easy to mount and install the customers have no difficulties putting them into operation. Please contact us today – we can help you make your hospital parking facility stress free for your patients and visitors.