Would you agree to the fact that in this digital age Parking Control and Monitoring for supermarkets should be obligatory? The aimless search for a parking space is annoying as well as costs time.

Imagine you need something urgently, but you are lost in a supermarket’s parking area – don’t know which way to steer your car so that a parking space is guaranteed. Many operators and owners of shopping centres have realized and recognized the importance of Parking control and monitoring and now are equipping the parking spaces with modern parking guidance system. We are proud of the fact that MSR-Traffic has built up a good reputation in the recent years with many prestigious projects, few listed here:

  • Flemington Markets in Sydney (several counting sensors, road signs with LED-Displays and controllers with a central computer including the Software “ParkGard Control Center”).
  • The Loop5 in Weiterstadt (about 3,000 parking spaces in the car park)
  • The SCS in Vienna (about 10,000 parking spaces outdoors).
  • The “Capital of Factory Outlet” is managed by Holy AG, which commissioned MSR-Traffic to provide all parking spaces with intelligent sensor technology and sign-posting.

Whether building a new mall or if it’s an existing supermarket – your customers are to carry the first impressions from their parking experience. Install our innovative parking guidance system to offer your customers a special added value.

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