Each holiday or business trip starts with the booking and arriving at the destination. Hotels play a very  important role between these two points. Most of the guests travel with their own car. Hence, we thought of extending parking guidance system for hotel guests.

In addition to the external appearance of the hotel, which customers often consider as the reflection of the hotel’s profile, the stress-free arrival plays a particularly significant role too. If you as a guest have already been stressed by the search for a parking space, the stay begins with a first negative experience. The time the guest had to spend to find a free gap, he would probably have used on the hotel terrace with a glass of wine. Wouldn’t you agree??

We, at Smart Traffic Systems, have a solution to it! Parking guidance systems with single-space sensors exactly solve this problem. When a parking space is used, the sensor (for example, mounted below the ceiling or outdoors in the ground) signals the data to a controller and a dynamic display shows in real-time where and how many parking spaces are free.

Our parking systems are not only suitable for large parking garages – equipping small parking spaces also makes sense. The investment in a parking guidance system is particularly worthwhile if the parking spaces are poorly visible or the possibilities of reversing are inadequate at full occupancy. It may also be important sometimes that every single parking space has to be used to offer all hotel guests the promised parking space. If, for example, the customer does not see that there is still a parking space near the entrance, he unnecessarily heads to a neighbouring street in order to park there at the edge.

With the help of our parking sensor technology, however, not only the guest knows where and how many parking spaces there are – the management can also draw their own conclusions from the data from afar. The MSR-Traffic software provides interesting features in terms of:

  • Statistics of the last few weeks / months / years
  • Locating long-term parkers
  • Reservation of parking spaces
  • Signalling at full occupancy

The hotel “More” in Dubrovnik (Croatia) is one of the MSR-Traffic customers having recognized the importance and the possible extent of customer service for hotel guests.