Smart Traffic Systems ( can design, engineer, supply and support in the Australasian region including India. Latest magnetic field sensors based on German technology provides highest accuracy for Smart parking navigation systems  for the outdoor/Indoor vehicle detection.


Smart Parking Navigation Systems have largely been ignored when it comes to technological innovations and ideas. However, with the increasing number of cars on the street, along with the time taken to park them, the problem must now be effectively addressed.


Simply put, it’s inefficient, frustrating and time-consuming. Driving around after arriving at a mall or a multiplex is annoying, while searching for a spot in a hospital lot is nerve-wracking. The issue at hand is simple: parking lots have been ignored while automobiles have been making huge strides. However, that’s about to change,  lets make Smart Parking Navigation Systems easy with  Smart Traffic systems (STS)


A  Smart Parking Navigation systems should not only be aware of the occupancy status of each free lots, but also be able to guide the user to it. All of this should happen without human intervention. A smart solution would account for many issues.


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