To offer you the ease of parking, we’ve come up with yet another innovative solution – Wireless Parking Sensors interacting with ticket machines.

The visitors in the town of Lyssach (Switzerland), can now look forward to a new parking guidance system. Wireless parking sensors on more than 100 parking spaces detect whether the parking status is free or occupied. This status in real time is then transmitted to the dynamic signposts and also to the intelligent software “ParkGard Control Centre”. By linking the software of MSR-Traffic with ticketing machines, the local staff can check any time:

  • If parking spaces are still free
  • If the parking spaces have recently been occupied, are not paid, but the payment period has not yet expired,
  • whether parking spaces are occupied and paid,
  • whether parking spaces are occupied and not paid but the payment period has already expired
  • How often a parking lot was used without payment

The integration of parking sensors’ software with the ticketing machines allows the operator to save personnel costs, minimize parking ticket violations, and maximize parking utilization.

Please contact us for further information on how we could integrate the wireless parking sensors to your ticketing machines.