Apart from guiding customers to the nearest parking spot, wireless vehicle detection sensors provide real time data and alerts to the central monitoring system.

The wireless ground sensors technology for vehicle detection has been existing for many years and is still successful and universally accepted. Our wireless magnetic sensors offer more than 98% accuracy – at any time. The measurement data are sent from the sensor to the dynamic display or app in about 10 seconds!

Ground sensors and batteries come with a life span of about 10 years. Short life-time of sensors are a thing of past. The algorithm for the sensor has been implemented in the cloud – which means the software in the sensor can be adapted any time.

Installing the ground sensors doesn’t require any extensive milling work – only small drilling for the holes and the installation is done. It is faster, easier and cheaper to install single space detection sensor. It also offers the flexibility to expand the system anytime if the number of parking spaces increase.

The magnetic field sensors are based on the magnetic field change principle: the magnetic field changes as the vehicle approaches. This measurement technology is independent of temperatures, humidity, darkness, solar radiation, fog, snow or dirt.

Wireless vehicle detection sensors guide cars, buses and trucks to available parking bays fast and efficiently. Please leave us a comment or contact us for any further information.