Designed and engineered in Australia, Smart Traffic Systems offers a Car Park Height Warning System which alerts drivers of vehicles to potential height restrictions within a parking structure. This system is particularly useful in multi-level parking garages or areas where there may be low ceilings, overhangs, or other obstacles that could damage taller vehicles.

Here’s how our car park height warning system work:

  • Ultrasonic/Laser sensors are placed at strategic points within the parking structure to detect the height of vehicles as they enter or move through the area.
  • As a vehicle enters the parking structure or approaches a certain section, the system detects if the height of the vehicle has exceeded the the height restrictions of the car park.
  • If the height of the vehicle exceeds the clearance for a particular area, the system triggers a warning via. LED screen and an audible alarm.
  • The warning system would alert the driver to the height restriction ahead, prompting them to take necessary precautions.
  • An optional Call/SMS alert system can be integrated with the system where the building manager is notified if there’s an over-height vehicle is detected.

The costs associated with an over-height vehicle hitting a sprinkler system are significant due to call-out fees/repairs. Implementing a car park height warning system can help prevent accidents, reduce damage to vehicles and property, and improve overall safety within parking structures.

Additionally, it can save time and resources by minimizing the need for repairs due to vehicle collisions with overhead obstacles.

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