Car Park Exit Warning System: A car park exit warning system is a safety system that warns pedestrians of incoming traffic using audio visual alarms. Infrared sensors detect vehicular movement at the car park exit and an audio/visual alarm installed outside the car park warns pedestrians of any incoming traffic. The system can be configured to give audio/visual alarm during the daytime and switch to visual alarm only during the night. This system is a must have for all buildings located in high pedestrian activity areas. There never has been a better time to get one of these systems to create a safer environment for all.

Car Park Height WarningSystem: Designed and engineered in Australia, Smart Traffic Systems offers a Car Park Height Warning System which alerts drivers of vehicles to potential height restrictions within a parking structure. This system is particularly useful in multi-level parking garages or areas where there may be low ceilings, overhangs, or other obstacles that could damage taller vehicles. The costs associated with an over-height vehicle hitting a sprinkler system are significant due to call-out fees/repairs. Implementing a car park height warning system can help prevent accidents, reduce damage to vehicles and property, and improve overall safety within parking structures.

Vehicle Priority System: It is a specialized traffic control system used in parking garages or multi-level car parks to manage the flow of vehicles entering and exiting the facility, especially at ramps or intersections within the structure. These systems help to regulate traffic, prevent accidents, and ensure smooth movement of vehicles within the parking facility.

Here’s how a typical car park ramp traffic light system work:

  1. Entry Ramps: Traffic lights are installed at the entry points of ramps leading into the parking garage. These lights control the flow of vehicles entering the garage from the street or from lower levels of the facility.
  2. Exit Ramps: Similarly, traffic lights are installed at the exit points of ramps leading out of the parking garage. These lights control the flow of vehicles exiting the garage onto the street or to higher levels of the facility.
  3. Traffic Direction: The traffic lights at entry and exit ramps alternate between green and red signals to indicate when vehicles can proceed or must stop.
  4. Synchronization: The traffic lights are synchronized with timers or sensors to optimize the flow of traffic within the parking facility and prevent congestion.