A car park exit warning system is a safety system that warns pedestrians of incoming traffic using audio visual alarms.

Ever increasing traffic requires more and more safety features to create a safe environment for commuters. We all know how much cars have evolved in the last 20 years. Autonomous Emergency Braking, Blindspot Monitoring Systems, Anti-lock Braking Systems have all been designed to improve safety ratings of cars. But little has been done in the building industry where active safety equipment can be installed to keep pedestrians safe from cars inside and outside the car parks.

Car Park Exit lanes which merges with the footpath sometimes creates an unsafe environment for pedestrians. Many cars do not tend to follow the 5km/hr speed limit and ends up rushing out of the car park. Due to the nature of the design of some buildings, pillars tend to create blind spots for both the pedestrians and drivers.

Designed and engineered in Australia, Smart Traffic Systems is offering a Car Park Exit Warning System as a solution to this problem. Infrared sensors detect vehicular movement at the car park exit and an audio/visual alarm installed outside the car park warns pedestrians of any incoming traffic. The system can be configured to give audio/visual alarm during the daytime and switch to visual alarm only during the night.

This system is a must have for all buildings located in high pedestrian activity areas. There never has been a better time to get one of these systems to create a safer environment for all.

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