With our smart parking system, get faster to the next free parking space at tourist destinations!

Major tourist destinations are already investing in Smart Parking System with modern technologies to save time for the travelers ensuring a smooth and stress-free stay at the destination.

One such example is Smart Parking System installed at Schilift-Zentrum-Gerlos, Germany. They recently implemented a new modern monocable ropeway (10 persons). This “Dorfbahn Gerlos” represents a useful supplement to the existing “Isskogelbahn” in order to transport the guests directly from the center of Gerlos to the ski slopes. In the course of the construction at an altitude of about 1250 meters above sea level, the company implemented also a car park with about 280 parking spaces as well as a generous and comfortable ski depot for more than 2.000 guests. With the MSR-Traffic’s smart parking system in place, now Skiing and hotel guests will be informed about free parking spaces right at the main access road. Dynamic signs and single space detection sensors with integrated LEDs guide the guests to free parking spaces within the car park. On the one hand the system of MSR-Traffic will reduce waiting times in the future and on the other hand it will increase the comfort of guests enormously.

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